How to protect a business and brand?

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How to protect a business and brand?

If this question on your mind, then you can read this blog and it will help you to get some quick idea that how to protect your business and brand.

If you are already having an online business, blog or any website which ranked in the google search. You must be aware that other people may try to copy your well written content, piece of information or in some cases your business name or the website name to confuse your clients, audiences to sell their services/products.

Many businesses or website owners already have this knowledge and they do the necessary steps to protect their businesses. However, there are people who actually want to start a new website or online business need to understand the importance of protecting a brand for which they are investing the money and time.

There are people who trying to steal your real business to sell their fake products/services by using your business goodwill. To ensure this kind of safety if you have created a unique brand or a business website where you sell your products/services and you are successfully getting your orders, clients with online business, then you need to get your business registered by applying for Trademark Registration.

Common questions and answers which you might need to know to clear your thoughts about a trademark.

What is the Trademark?

The trademark is the Service mark or logo, which mentioned your business name and symbol which help to identifies the product or services provided by the particular company, individual or any legal entity.

How to Apply for Trademark?

You can hire agency, agent for this or can apply online for Trademark registration.

Benefit of Registered Trademark

No one can use your unique brand name associated with your business in any illegal way without your permission. This way you can get all the benefits of your hard work, time and money invested to build your brand.

How others will know that my brand is registered?

When you apply for trademark, you can use TM (™) means you have applied for that and once you received the registration certificate, then you can use a symbol which means registered trademark (®).

How you can sue any website or ask to TAKEDOWN particular website to their hosting providers who uses your brand name to steal your business identity?

If any part of your blog, Content is copied from your website, also known as plagiarism, Used your registered brand name, then you can ask their hosting providers to take down or completely remove the content.

How soon you can go for Trademark Application?

Once you are sure that your business is growing online or you are already having a successful business offline and you want to take the same brand online then you should soon apply for the trademark.

How much time it will take to get the trademark registered?

There are certain phases after successful completion of all your trademark get registered. Your trademark will be valid for years again, you have to process for renewal within 6 months/1 Yr before expiry.

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