5 Important things you must have and think before starting any website.

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1.Creative Logo

Any service mark or logo is the identity of the website and the business, so it is very important to have nice, great logo, which can represent your service/product just with the symbol or marks you used. If you are having an existing business or Services which you want to bring online, then you should also consider registering your brand. If you are a new start-up with a long term business goal, then also I would suggest you should always register for the trademark to avoid any issues related to the product/service mark.

2. Logo slogan

We feel Logo Slogan is another important part of your business identity and you should try to create a logo which will describe your brand or services with slogan. This will help your customer to reach at your original website as any service/products become famous and popular Competitor try to harm you and your goodwill by using your name and sometimes logo to post fake content on website/social media/YouTube and other such platform. Sometimes it is done to hurt your SEO as well as try to get the benefit by using your name to sell the similar Services/products your company sells.

3. Realistic Web designs

Web designs which will suit to your business model as well as help you to manage SEO practices, technically strong yet look fab with smooth user experience which cannot just help you to increase and get customer visitor attention, but it will also make your users/buyers/customers to revisit again and again which can define Increase your future sales. Many times we have seen people are using a completely different web designing from the services/products they offer. I think the people who are not much experienced or May have no idea about what kind of web designing to use for their business normally they faced such issues. You should only choose the web designing which will fit to your business as this will convert a visitor into your customer.

If you choose the correct fit according to your business, your first impression, business experience will prove along with that and without saying a single word your customer will feel confident and be convinced to buy your services. People who intend to buy your service, product or just land up on your website by mistake will explore your site and might be interested to try your services/product (of course if they are useful) So they may suggest your site to someone who is interested in your product/services.You should choose only and only responsive site design, as today everyone is either browsing sites from the Smart phone, tablet or the similar devices which need to get the clear view of your website/product/services.

You may also choose apps services to create an app (Android/ios Apps) for your business, but I would suggest a website with the app is good option but only app is not the great option as many people only installed app for the services they use frequently. And if you are in business where your website don’t need app, then making app will only cost you more and leave you with less business. If you want to reach more customers you should Create a website and if needed an app too.

4. Social Media Account/Business Profile/Business Page

If you are set to start your website or online business, then don’t forget to create social Media account with the same user-name if possible, if the user name is not available then try to match at least half of your business name So it can be more relevant and easy to find your customers/follower on social media. Also add your listing profile on most popular social media, including Face book, Twitter, Google etc.


5. Most important and basic of all website and an on-line business is to choose correct Domain, Hosting service provider to make the first step to your online business or website. If you choose the wrong one you may have to face downtime, technical issues and another hidden issues including service cost to manage your website/business online. So always compare services as well as charges before making any final decision.

These are the basic fundamentals for any website or on-line business website to make first Step toward online business presence. Apart from these there are many other useful things which will we cover in our future posts.

If you would like to create a website, logo for your business or any queries regarding our services you can contact us.

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