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You can hire us for any technical issue you are facing with your existing wordpress website or any website.

FLASH Support with Money Back Guarantee

If you need technical support for any WordPress related issues or the hosting issues then you can use our Flash Support with Money Back Guarantee. We will provide you solution after reviewing your concern within or less than 24 Hrs. If we are unable to solve your issue you are eligible for Money Back Policy where you will get the full refund for the unresolved issues. (This is an advance support for the website owners or website business owners looking for the particular solution. Charges may vary depends on the work, issues and time required to resolve)

Hire us for your website management or technical issue.

Money Back Guarantee only applies to unresolved technical issues and not applicable on the mentioned Services Packages on our website as this is an independent service for the businesses who has their existing website or unresolve technical issues regarding google ads, analytics, wordpress erros,Website management social Media, Seo, SSL etc.

For FLASH Support you can email your concern along with your website and contact details.