How to use FileZilla to edit WordPress Files

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How to use FileZilla to edit WordPress Files

All new wordpress users/beginners who want to update or make changes to any particular files this post will give you an information that how to use a FTP server for editing/updating files on Server without need of direct making any changes from your cpanel hosting account.

Why to Use Filezilla

Filezilla is the Free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) solution. You can use Filezilla by simply installing on your computer for upload-download, transfer edit files from Filezilla. You can also change the file permissions by right click and Change file permission option. You can copy an entire wordpress site or any content directory, with the help of Filezilla. It will also helpful to take an entire site backup with Filezilla.


Download Filezilla from  then Install FILEZILLA.

Fill the below details :

  1. HOST NAME – Ip address from CPanel
  2. Username – Cpanel username
  3. Password -Cpanel Password
  4. Port – 21 (blank will ok)

Now click on Quick Connect

How to transfer files from PC to WordPress any location on server.

Right side is your PC and Left side is the connected Server files.

You can select the path from Left side where you want to transfer the files like WP-content, themes, plugins or Public_html. Then after selecting the particular path now you can move to the right side and you can browse the files/folders which you want to transfer to the server. Just Right Click select transfer. Your file/folder will be transferred within a few minutes or seconds depends upon the size of the folder/File.

If you want to modify any file or edit any theme file, then also you can use Filezilla.

From Right click you can find this below options and you can use them according to your needs.

Download – You can download files or folders from Cpanel to your local PC.

Rename – You can rename files and folders.

Change Permission- You can change the permissions for the files and folders.

Create a directory, add files to the queue, create a new file, delete options are available with the right click.

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