How to Start Website Based Online Business

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How to Start Website Based Online Business

Many people throughout the world may be fascinated with the question that how to start website based online business. An Online business needs a less investment and the outcome is the very high. But in reality it is not as easy as you think or see it. Still if you are willing to start, have a good budget  then you can. But at the same time you should keep below things in mind before giving it a try.

If you are serious about your business growth then you must think about an investment cost. How much can you invest for the online business. You have to think twice before Starting a business, whether it’s a short term goal or long term business. As all this will affect your business costing such as if you think you have to start your business for long term then you may choose for domain and hosting for long term which will reduce your investment but if you have chosen for long term and shut down your business or the discontinued the services then, your investment in this will become zero.

 If you just want to take a chance and start your online business, then I would suggest go for 2-3 Year plan as any business needs a time to stable in the market whether its online or the physical one. Any Website business needs more marketing and out of the box thinking to challenge your competitors with high quality services in low prices.

Important Tips to start Website based business.

1. Are you going to start business with serious mind or just for the part time work.

2. What is your expertise or interest to start the particular business. If you have related experience then it will be an advantage for you. So you can understand the customer needs and shape up your services accordingly.

3. Now this is where you must finalize the things and according to your business model you should Also consider whether your business needs to have an eCommerce website or online portal, Shopping, Retail, Fashion or the A service provider site where you can list your product/Services.

4. You can hire a website designer and discuss your business needs. If you already know how to create a website then It’s great and you can start with your work. First and most important thing is that picking a right yet attractive domain name, if possible then use your domain name which gives an idea what your business is about. If you think your business name is already finalized then you can Book the domain with the same name. New and unique domain names will help you to stand out from the crowd and your customer will also Like it.

5. Once you register your domain, then you may think about the hosting services if you have the knowledge how it works then you will be able to identify the service provider as well as the platform to start your website work. Again, if you don’t know anything about this then you can hire A web designer who can help you to finalize the things, whether you need to have static/dynamic websites and which platform you should use CMS etc.

6. If you don’t know anything then also I would suggest, check for the designing according to your business model. Your website look should match to your business model to attract more visitors and gain customers. Few Designers/Freelancers will offer services at less price compared to professionals because they don’t bother for the end result. If you are serious about your business then don’t go for pricing rather go for the quality.

7. Depends on your services chosen by you with your web designing service provider, you should need more than just web designing. Content for your website if you don’t have, Best SEO, Paid Advertising Network and Web master as well as Web Analytics.

8. Now, once you start your online website business, then don’t forget to promote through social Media Marketing like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. This will not Only to help you gain visitors to your new website, but also will help you to gain customer if someone like to buy your services/product.

9. If you are running a local business and do not need to target customer out of your city/Town then also you can choose social media marketing to reach customers Within your area.

10. Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are also running paid search,paid traffic, paid ad campaigns to promote your business online as per Your budget. But I would suggest if you are a new online business with a small budget, then first few days you should promote your business with free listing and pages. But if you can afford, then you can start using Google, Facebook and other social media for marketing immediately.

11. Online Business needs more attention than the physical business whereas shop/office/showroom in absence of business owner anyone can take care of it. But if you are a website Or online business owner then you have to keep track of everything or you may have to hire employees/technical team to take care of it which may again increase the Business cost.

According to us, all these are the major concerns for any online website/business to start with but after you  established your business, then your responsibility will be more, but nevertheless after all everything has to be achieved with hard work and that will stay with you for longer time with great satisfaction.

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