How to Fix WordPress Media Upload Error after Host change

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How to Fix WordPress Media Upload Error after host change

If you migrate your existing WordPress website from one host to another host like Godaddy to Bluehost/Siteground. If you change the Godaddy hosting plan from economy to deluxe. Then you will get the Wordpress Media Upload Error. While uploading the images from the WordPress in media gallery, you will get this media error – “Unable to Create Directory wp-content/uploads.

Is its Parent Directory Writable by the Server in WordPress”

Basically, this happens because when you migrate your existing site with FTP Backup and upload the WordPress site on new host, then worpress media takes the old hosting path which you need to update with few simple steps to solve this issue.

Fix with this 3 steps

First check the file permission of uploads

Login to your Cpanel-Public_html—> Wp Content—> uploads change the uploads

(Wp content) file permission 775 to 777 or reverse

Then second step is to add the below line in wp.config.php

define(‘UPLOADS’, ‘wp-content/myimages’);

Before the below line


Now you can check whether this error has been fixed or not. If you still have the same issue then you go ahead with the third step.

Login to your wordpress

go to the setting—>Media—>Store uploads in this folder check the path

whether its current path of cpanel home directory or the old path

If its old one then update the new one just like..

For Multihosting Site


For single hosted wordpress site

i.e. single site in root directory or wordpress installed directly in public html then wp-content/uploads

This will fix the issue.

If you are a new WordPress user or not much familiar with cpanel, then I would suggest you should follow the steps slowly and carefully. You can also take a simple backup of the files which you are going to edit (Wp.config.php) just download the file for back up if anything goes wrong due to mistake then you can re-upload your original file (obviously after deleting the existing one)

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