DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error post migration of new host

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DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error post migration of new host

Post migration you might face this issue post propagation of your new DNS server.

If you have a website which is your old personal blog or business website and you are moving it from One host to another, then also you might face this issue.

The common reason behind the issue is when we move from one hosting to another and point the domain to New hosting the new DNS server takes time to propagate to all locations. Usually as per the hosting providers DNS propagation takes 24-48 hrs time too propagate but it could also take time up to 72 hrs. But even after the given time period websites are not accessible from all the location or the DNS could not propagate to few locations.

You can use below websites for DNS analysis.

Sometimes your website is accessible for few visitors, but the other visitors from your country may not be able to access your website.

To check if your site is down or up use below websites.



Also when you contact your hosting provider they will either ask you to wait to fully propagate
Or tell you that there are third party issues and they can’t resolve. In many cases, they will tell you that your domain is pointed to correct IP address and your site is working there is no need to worry.

But still you feel that your visitors reporting you this issue or your site is not propagated to all locations as per the Dnschecker and you need to fix this issue. Because most of time your nearby location is not propagated or shows the dns lookup error. In that case you can try resolving this with a few
steps listed below.

First check if you get any of the below listed error in all or particular browser like chrome or firefox.

You can find below issues if you are having the DNS problem.
1. DNS probe Finished nxdomains
2. Server could not resolve
3. Web site is not accessible
4. Website is down or move to new host

If DNS fails to resolve the domain name or address then you might receive the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.
This site can’t be reached or This webpage is not available.

Because most people find this issue with chrome browser too. If your site is working on all other browsers except chrome Then try below steps:

1. Clear your chrome browsing history & Caches.

2. open chrome://net-internals
1.DNS ->Host resolver cache —->Clear host cache
2.Proxy -> clear Bad Proxy

3. Disable any firewalls or antivirus and try to access the website.

If you feel you tried everything and given enough time to propagate your IP address then you should again check with the DNS, in which locations your site is not available and contact your hosting provider for the support.

Why this is important to fix this issue because if you don’t resolve it, then you probably losing your visitors and your site might don’t appear in search results like Google or Bing. We have found many times after hosting migration, your site is mostly not accessible from your nearby locations/countries which may cause serious issue as If you are providing particular services in India and visitors from North or East part of India unable to access your site then you could be losing the visitors as well as the business.

If you are unable to find the solution then we can help you with our advanced support with Money Back Guarantee. You can drop us an email or call us, we will look into your website and provide you an instant support and with a guaranteed solution with our paid advance support.

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