How to fix Server Error 5xx index coverage issue after SSL

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How to fix Server Error (5xx) index coverage issue after SSL.

What does this issue means : Server error 5xx – Your server returned a 500-level error when the page was requested. If you go to the Index Coverage you will see the affected pages (where you can see the No.of pages) And the url – list of affected URLs. Many WordPress users are facing Server error 5xx  after SSL migration. When users resubmit the site for indexing by creating new property.

If you checked with all your urls and did not have any issues like mixed or secure content and successfully changed http to https. And you received this error.

Server Error 5xx

Then you can follow the below steps:

Go to the Index Coverage (in Google Search Console)

Check the list of affected urls

here I am taking an example of a WordPress site.

Login to your WordPress site Check the each url and update it.

Do it for all the affected urls.

Then again login to Google Search Console, select your new property (http’s) or the one (where you are getting this error)

Go the Status (Left Side) —> index coverage —>click on validate fix.

This will inform the webmaster to crawl your affected pages to review and validate. After this successful validation process your site content, pages, post was not indexed earlier will be indexed.

You can see the update of the validation process in your Google search Console account, once the validation successful then you will receive notification in search console messages and will also receive an email from the Google to confirm the same. If you want more information on this then you can refer this informative link by Google on validation here.

If this won’t resolve this issue then you may check other reasons apart from this which can be sitemap, robot.txt or the meta tags noindex,nofollow. for which you should double check.


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